Impressive Marine Engines Heading from Italy to NZ to Fiji!

NZ owned & operated AB Equipment Marine & Industrial Power (Formerly Lees Group) recently received delivery of two Italian made FPT C90 engines. After a pre-commissioning check by the Lees Service team, they're heading to Fiji for use in passenger and freight service vessels.

With several FPT engines in operation, impressed with the reliability, smooth operation and overall performance, the owner is moving most of the fleet to this platform.
These two C90 engines have a displacement of 8.7L from an in-line 6-cylinder arrangement, with engines available from 380HP to 650HP.
These engines were chosen because they are an ideal and cost-effective solution for the commercial vessel that they will be powering in the islands but also suit many pleasure craft applications.
With a growing service network across NZ and the wider Pacific region, this is a fantastic solution!


For more information on FPT or Marine Engines in NZ, contact:

Adrian Penman | Application & Sales Engineer – Marine Power Products

MO: +64 272 131 495


FPT Cursor Range of Engines

Cursor state-of-the-art technologies guarantee high injection pressure and adamant timing precision under any operating conditions. This translates into rapid response at all engine speeds.

The 8.7 litre high-performance version can reach 607 kW @ 2,400 rpm maximum power rating.

High power & torque density
Low fuel consumption and emissions
Structural stiffness / low vibration and noise
Up to 600 hours service intervals

Specification of FPT C90 engines as follows:

Cylinder: 6L

Displacement: 8.7 L

Dry Weight: 940 kg

Power Range: 331 kW - 478 kW

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