Marine Power


C16 Electronic Engines (C16-600, C16-1000)

The C16 series of engines provide options for larger vessels needing an engine with a wide power range and broad torque characteristics. This 16L engine sets the standard in its class and is available in pleasure and heavy-duty ratings for commercial applications.

Its 6 cylinder in-line design configuration provides sensible design, competitive power to weight ratio and consistent performance.  

This turbo charged aftercooled engine has electronic fuel management with Bosch Common Rail Technology providing top of its class fuel efficiency and excellent throttle response.

Available in several performance (duty) ratings from 500- 1000Hp.


Download Pleasure craft datasheet below: 

735 kW Datasheet


Download Commercial craft datasheet below: 


441 kW Datasheet

Other Models


Cylinder 6 in line
Displacement 15.9 L
Dry Weight 1570 kg
Power Range 441 - 735 kW



Marine Engines - Electronic Injection



Marine Engines - Electronic Injection



Marine Engines - Mechanical Injection

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