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PAGURO 5.5 SY | 5 kVA 4.5 kW

Powered by Yanmar and with water cooling of the alternator, it is one of the most silenced marine generators on the market. Thanks to the double anti-vibration system, vibrations are reduced to a minimum. All parts in contact with sea water made of 316 L stainless steel.

  • compact and lightweight
  • sound proof capsule with acoustic insulation and reinforced fiberglass 
  • 1 cylinder diesel engine, 4 cycles 
  • battery charger and remote control LCD display 
  • double anti - vibration system with 4 internal and 4 external supports 




When comparing generators

Always ask what the continuous output rating is, in kilowatts. Many companies label their generators with the "nominal” output (a rating only acceptable for short periods) in kVA (a theoretical output). For example, a generator with an output of 3.5 KVA “Nominal” will only be able to produce about 2,5 kW "Continuous". Paguro generators are labelled by continuous kVA/kW.

There are three ways marine 230V generators commonly make power; "Synchronous", "Permanent magnet” and “Asynchronous”. “Synchronous” is the most popular due to its inherent ability to cope with short but very high demand for current, to start such machines as air-con units and water-makers. Paguro generators employ only "Synchronous" or "Permanent Magnet" alternators.

The alternator of a generator creates a lot of heat when generating electricity. Water cooling of the alternator is very important as it eliminates the need for air to be blown through the sound shield as this causes heat and noise. Air cooled alternators run hotter in hot climates, reducing their power output (de-rating). Water cooled alternators do not de-rate in hot climates as sea water temperature variations are not significant. Direct raw water cooling is more efficient than indirect fresh water cooling. Paguro alternators are engineered for optimum performance using raw water cooling.

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions L x H x W Length 615 mm x H497 mm x W429mm

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